Whether a country is in crisis or Media?

Anjali Pandey
4 min readSep 11, 2020


Rightly said, good people, are recognized at your bad days. Everyone is your companion till the time things fall into place.

Similarly, the role of government and media is assessed at the time of crisis. Crisis of the country is the yardstick to measure the quality of service they are offering. And here we are struggling with the crisis.

History is evidence, how government and media have played their role from time to time. So, do you think the fourth pillar is capable of holding the structure of democracy right? Even if one pillar is demolishing, other pillars will be able to withstand? Is media losing its credibility?

Let me make one thing very clear, it’s not political orientation, be sceptical and have an adroit approach towards everything. By the end, you will have a concrete viewpoint of your own. So before we dwell into the topic we must understand the basic role of media in a very quick manner.

Responsibility of media

Being the watchdog of the other three pillars of democracy their role is to keep us informed. By informed I mean, what exactly is happening around us instead of making a mountain out of a molehill. We all know that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, therefore media has got the highest responsibility to aware the masses. However, they are playing with that sword and beheading the essence of democracy. Yes, democracy provides freedom of speech and expression and media is taking an advantage of that.

Degrading ethical values

I don’t even need to make you understand what is wrong in the fourth pillar. All you have to do is, not to get influenced by snollygosters and come out of the parochial issues around. We, humans, are gifted with analyzing power, just use it. However, our window of perception forces us to incline towards any ideology, and again it’s a human tendency. But sitting blindfolded on a couch and agreeing what media is injecting in our mind is a passive audience approach.

Where media claims to be the flag bearers of communal harmony, they are the ones who are indulging in hideous coverage of religious issues. Needless to say that communal reporting is favourite coverage of media, in a country like India where people are sensitive towards their religion. Media leave no stone unturned to cover Babri to Dadri issues to fetch public attention. By covering religious intolerance issues and throwing communal colour on news, Bang! Nothing can stop them to achieve TRP.

There are endless stories of media where it hampered their dignity, but let’s do a quick question and answer session on a recent and most hyped issue.

1. Do we support Rhea Chakraborty?


But media romanticizing black magic and vilifying Rhea bother us?


2. Do we have a problem with CBI investing in SSR matter?

Of course No

Do this fact that the media is turning into CBI, bother us?

Absolutely, yes

3. Do we have any issue that some news channel is covering this news as ‘news’?


Some news channels are dragging this case on prime time, breaking news and panel discussion that pisses us off?


4. Do we care when media chases Rhea on their cars while serving as a ‘watchdog’?


Does this fact bother us when media ignores imperative concerns like falling GDP, rising unemployment, flood and poverty?


So here is how media is paying more attention towards sensationalist conspiracy theory sidelining the more important ones. This should have triggered the discussion on mental health issues and suicide, though. The moment we turn on our television we end up learning a lot of rhetoric and rhyming words, factual journalism is faded into oblivion. The next head-turning topic for media is Kangana which they have already started to hype.

Soon we will reach the number one position in the highest cases of Corona. Surpassing Brazil we are running at the fastest pace and ready to give a finishing kick.

Till the time media is intoxicating our mind with sensational news, there are so many hot button issues left aside. Rising unemployment and falling GDP is a serious matter of concern. Poverty, suicide, flood and students juggling between exams and no exams are trivialized.

The Rajput case once again made us realize that driven by such irresponsible Indian media, our country is in jeopardy.



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